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Week 1 of Awake to Righteousness Vol 2 by Connie Witter

Video Mp4 messages for instant download based in The Book of Romans  -  Listen to the first message

Week 1 - Works Righteousness vs Faith Righteousness (To see all messages for this series choose Catalog selection Downloads: Video - Awake To Righteousness Vol 2)

Join Connie as she continues to Jesus in the Book of Romans. In Volume II she teaches chapters 9 – 16. Learn more about the greatest gift ever given; Righteousness!

Message Titles: 

Works Righteousness vs Faith Righteousness
Christ is the End of the Law for Righteousness
Works vs Grace
Jesus Alone Qualifies You
Let God Transform the Way You Think
Clothe Yourself With Jesus
No More Judgment; Only Acceptance
The Righteous Glorify God

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