Awake to Rghteousness vol 1 Bible study 10 pack

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Awake to Righteousness Volume 1 Bible Study 10-Pack

10 workbooks conveniently packaged for group Bible studies.


Join Connie on an incredible journey through Chapters 1 – 8 of the Book of Romans.

“Awake to Righteousness!” and learn to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, establishing your heart in the “too good to be true” Good News about Jesus!


Download chapter 1 to preview | Listen to the first message


Message Titles Include:

1_The True Good News
2_Self-Righteousness vs. Jesus Righteousness
3_Self Focus vs. Jesus Focus
4_The Benefits of Being Righteous (Jesus) Conscious
5_Reigning in Life Through Jesus
6_Dead to Sin; Alive to Christ
7_No Longer Schizophrenic
8_You Are Led By God’s Spirit
9_Who’s Your Daddy?
10_Safe and Secure In The Fathers Love

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