The Gospel of John part 1 CD set

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Join Connie on a 10 week journey through chapters 1-11 of the Book of John. To read John’s Gospel is to encounter Jesus- a living manifestation of God’s glory. He came to reveal the true heart and character of the Father and make His love known to us (John 17:26). John called himself, “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” As you see Love in action through the Gospel of John, you will echo John’s description of himself by saying, “I am the one whom Jesus loves!” These words will become the true definition of your identity in Christ!  

Message Titles:

Week 1: Grace and Truth came through Jesus:  John 1
Week 2: The Money Changers: Why was Jesus Angry?  John 2
Week 3: Reconciling the love of God with the Wrath of God  John 3
Week 4: Jesus: God's gift to man:  John 4
Week 5: Religion VS Jesus  John 5
Week 6: What Work Does God Ask of You? John 6 & 7
Week 7: The Gift of No Condemnation: John 8
Week 8: Religion Makes You Blind; Jesus Makes You See: John 9
Week 9: Jesus Came to Give Abundant Life: John 10
Week 10: Only Believe - and See The Glory of God: John 11

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