The Gospel of John part 2 CD set

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Week 1: Religion puts people in bondage; Jesus sets people free: John 12

Week 2: Love one Another as I have Loved You! John 13

Week 3: Jesus: The Prince of Peace: John 14

Week 4: Abiding in the Vine: John 15

Week 5: The Promise of the Holy Spirit:  John 16

Week 6: Living as one in Christ: John 17

Week 7:  It is Finished!  John 18 & 19

Week 8:  Our Redeemer Lives!  John 20 & 21

Join Connie in part 2 of the Gospel of John. In this series she will cover chapters 12-21. Jesus said when we see Him we see the Father. As we see Jesus in this beautiful book of the Bible, we will come to know the true character of our loving Heavenly Father and also continue to grow in our identity as sons and daughters of God.


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