Lies Religion Taught Me&The Truth That Set Me Free

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In this book, you’ll discover the difference between Religion and Jesus!

The Gospel is the Good News about Jesus and if it’s not Good News, it’s not the Gospel!

Has religious teaching ever brought fear to your heart? Has it ever made you feel like you weren’t quite good enough? 1 John 4:16 & 18 says, “God is Love! Love NEVER brings fear…Love’s perfection drives the fear of punishment far from our hearts.
So, if a religious teaching produces fear in your heart, you can be absolutely sure it’s not from God and it’s not the truth!


Religion says do! Jesus says done!

Religion makes us slaves! Jesus made us sons

Religion divides us! Jesus makes us one!

In each chapter, I share a religious lie I used to believe and the truth that set me free! I pray that the truth about Jesus will also set your heart free from any fears or feelings of inadequacy that were created in your heart by the lies that religion taught you. Jesus came to set you free from performance-based religion. You can live free in His Perfect Love!

Chapter 1: The Lie Religion Taught Me about God's Judgement Toward Believers

Chapter 2: The Lie Religion Taught Me about God's Judgement Toward Unbelievers

Chapter 3: Living Free from the Religious Lie that There is Something Wrong With You

Chapter 4: Religion Makes Fearful Slaves. Jesus Made Fearless Sons

Chapter 5: The Lie Religion Taught Me about Tithing

Chapter 6: The Lie Religion Taught Me about God's Discipline

Chapter 7: The Lie Religion Taught Me about God's Forgiveness

Chapter 8: Religion says do! Jesus says Done!

Chapter 9: Religion Puts You in Bondage. Jesus Sets You Free!

Chapter 10: Religion Divides Us! Jesus Made Us One!



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