Inside Story for Girls

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Inside Story for Girls Bible Study

The Inside Story For Girls ages 7 – 11

Do you know you are a Princess in God’s Kingdom? Jesus thinks that you are so special. He’s made you a part of His royal family. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the kind of friend who encourages you and makes you feel loved every single day?

Well, Jesus loves you more than anyone else in the whole wide world and He wants you to spend time with Him every day so He can fill your heart with the truth of His love.

Each Day of this 40 day devotional is fun-filled and includes:
A Scripture from the Bible telling you how much Jesus loves you
The truth of who you are on the inside, because of Jesus
A story about girls like you to help you apply the truth
Questions and answers to make you think about what you’ve learned
A prayer to help you talk to and agree with Jesus
Fun games and activities to reinforce the truth
Are you ready to discover the truth of who you are in Jesus?
Let’s get started living in His love! 

Titles Include:
You Are a Princess Because of Jesus
I Am a Princess
I Am Very Good
I Am Forgiven
I Am a New Creation
I Am One with Jesus

You Are Loved by Jesus
I Am Loved
I Am Aware of the Devil’s Lies
I Agree with Jesus
I Am Fearless
I Am Who God Says I Am

You Are Wise Because of Jesus
I Am Wise
I Am Led by God’s Spirit
I Am Smart
I Am Capable
I Am a Believer

You Are Beautiful Because of Jesus
I Am Beautiful Outside
I Am Perfect
I Am Dressed in God’s Glory
I Am Confident
I Am Beautiful Inside
You Are Valuable Because of Jesus
I Am Valuable
I Am God’s Treasured Possession
I Am Special
I Am Important
I Am Worthy of Love

You Are Accepted by Jesus
I Am Accepted
I Am a Friend of Jesus
I Am Chosen
I Am Approved
I Am Favored

You Are Wonderful Because of Jesus
I Am Wonderful
I Am Cared For
I Am Adored
I Am Gifted
I Am a Success

You Are Loving Because of Jesus
I Am Loving
I Am Kind
I Am Forgiving
I Am a Blessing
I Am an Encourager

Answer Keys to Games
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