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Refocus Book

Refocus – by Shannan Orr. Excellent Gift Book for Encouragement.

When anxiety, depression, confusion, and fear make my heart race, I have a choice. Am I going to look at my situation with the same limited, human logic which brought me this pain in the first place? Or will I do something radically different from generations of desperate souls before me? Could I dare trust my life to the One who says He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life? Surely His perspective is better than mine. What if I actually believed what He said about me?

My best choices apart from God have gotten me into some real disasters. This time will be different. This time I will stop and consider what God has to say about me and my situation. This time I will value the opinion of the One who loves me completely instead of listening to what my anxious head is screaming.
Care to join me?

Soft cover, 4″x 6″, 120 pages.

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